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The 10 Best Brunch Spots in Hamilton for 2019

There’s more local breakfast and brunch places than you can count in Hamilton so narrowing them down to a “best of” list is a daunting task, but we’re confident that you’ll be happy with our picks. From breakfast sandwiches and eggs benny, to pancakes and home fries — we got you covered.

Here’s our 2019 list for Hamilton’s 10 best LOCAL spots for breakfast and brunch.

Maria’s Fifty’s Diner

This classic gem lays in Stoney Creek on Queenston Road and it’s a real blast from the past. Retro signage greets you on the way in, vintage photos hang from the wall, and a neon jukebox awaits your selection of golden oldies to play aloud — this spot can certainly get one feeling nostalgic.

Maria’s serves breakfast all day with a focus on ‘homemade’ which includes fresh, hand-pattied burgers, house salad dressings, and soups.

Harbour Diner

After an extensive renovation, gone are the mismatched chairs and funky wallpaper in favour of a modern take on nautical themed breakfast and lunch.

This east coast warf inspired spot now serves breakfast earlier, starting at 8 am on Fridays to Mondays and 9 am the rest of the week. They serve up all the favourites — bacon and eggs, pancakes, hashbrowns, and eggs benedict. If you’re looking for a breakfast that’s going to keep you full all morning and power you through your day, this is a great option.

Motel Restaurant

Motel serves the kind of brunch that dreams are made of. Whimsical, decadent, and delicious, Motel allows their patrons to explore their culinary guilty pleasures.

Vintage meets modern inside Motel’s interior. The atmosphere is that of a reimagined old motel; neon signs, rotary phones, free matchbooks, and pastels galore. Motel is painted top to bottom, with millennial pink walls and teal floors. The fixtures are wood, gold, and white, adding a beautiful contrast to the pastel colour scheme.

Motel’s brunch menu is both playful and indulgent — it’s recommended you bring your sweet tooth. All items have an air of luxury, whether they contain rich ingredients or are covered in edible gold flakes. Everything is designed to wow you, from their flavour to their visual presentation. P.S. their champagne pancakes are worth the hype.

Salty Espresso

The love child of a self-proclaimed ‘salty’ Aussie and a sweet Canadian from Sudbury, Ontario, Salty Espresso specializes in all things coffee related, but also serve up simple, but powerful breakfast items — all day until their 4 pm close. If you want something a little more exotic for your morning cravings, such as squash waffles & ragu or potato cod pancakes, then you’ll definitely want to check out their brunch items Friday through Sunday.

The café atmosphere is cozy and laid-back, inspired by the owners’ love of Australia and its salty waters. It’s easy to become a regular at this friendly neighbourhood spot. They are welcoming and more than happy to cater to those gluten free and vegan. Bonus: they carry Donut Monster!

Breezy Corners (Main St. E) & (Hwy. 6)

Looking for a great brunch spot to bring the whole family? Breezy Corners is the place for you. This diner-inspired, family-run restaurant has a little bit of something for all ages and appetites.

The restaurant’s colour palette is orange and grey with wood and chrome accents. There’s plenty of space to accommodate guests, with a multitude of tables and booths to choose from. All booths have tabletop jukeboxes — a nod to their diner inspiration.

Everything served at the restaurant focuses on flavor and freshness. All of their soups, stocks, sauces, and batters are made in-house and from scratch. You can rest, and eat, assured that Breezy Corners is not serving anything processed.

Breezy Corners offers a wide variety of breakfast favourites. Omelettes, pancakes, bacon and eggs, breakfast sandwiches… you name it, they serve it. If you have a sweet tooth, I suggest keeping an eye out for their French toast and pancake specials. With flavours like strawberry cheesecake, pina colada, and s’mores, they are all uniquely delicious.

Saint James Eatery

For being such a small space, something big is happening inside the walls of Saint James Eatery. With an ever-changing menu, the chefs are constantly bringing something new to the table. Keep your eye on Saint James Eatery because they set the bar incredibly high.

Although small in size, Saint James Eatery uses every aspect of their restaurant space to their advantage. Large windows allow for bright, natural sunlight and a clear view of James Street North. Each nook and cranny of the space is used, allowing for the most guests possible without it feeling overcrowded. Some tables are private two-seaters while others are communal — you can keep the conversation between just you and your party, or get to know the other patrons.

Since the ingredients are so fresh and locally sourced, some menu items only last as long as the season while others are available year-long. Bacon and eggs, avocado toast, and The Drive Thru breakfast sandwich are almost always available. Their short stack pancake flavour combinations change often to allow their chefs creativity.

If you love a delicious, fresh brunch that is locally sourced and crafted with love, Saint James Eatery is a must.


Caro’s brunch menu is small but mighty. They take all your favourite items and flip them into works of art. From their Porchetta benny to gnudi cinnamon toast, to their Nutella flap jack stack and breakfast pizza. Yes, you read that right: of course this Italian restaurant would have breakfast pizza.

The iconic corner unit allows for tonnes of natural light to brighten your mood and the food will keep your mood just as cheery. To add to the space is plenty of greenery and artful pieces. Caro certainly lives up to its name, which translates to “beloved”. P.S. Don’t skip the gelato for dessert.

Papa Leo’s

Keeping things farm-fresh and locally grown, Papa Leo’s serves up the best brunch on the Hamilton Mountain. The small Concession Street restaurant combines the idea of a local diner and gastro fair, creating a delicious and varied menu.

The atmosphere inside Papa Leo’s is cozy, implementing a warm, neutral colour palate. Artwork that is uniquely Hamilton lines the walls, including prints from the Jelly Brothers and work by Amanda McIntyre. With individual and communal tables, you have the option of dining privately or getting to know other locals over breakfast.

Their menu boasts both breakfast classics and new, adventurous dishes. You can never go wrong with their pancakes, breakfast sandwich, or their omelettes. If you’re looking for something new yet familiar, try their all day biscuits or crab cake benny. Whatever you order at Papa Leo’s, it’s bound to be delicious.

Pete & Kay

The homestyle cooking of Jack & Lois lives on in its Westdale reincarnation, Pete & Kay. This double-decker restaurant serves your grandparents’ cooking in a totally nut-free menu. You’ll feel the nostalgia amongst their homey, vintage décor, which includes patterned wallpaper, 70s upholstered dining chairs, landscape paintings, and family portraits.

Let the youngsters pick out their favourites from the kid’s menu while you enjoy a proper, hearty adult breakfast. Having said that, we highly suggest any of their gooey grilled cheese sandwiches! Make the place your own by donating old family recipes, vinyl records, or family photos. Pete & Kay have one of the most welcoming atmospheres and menu list, which is why we think they are a must-add to your Hamilton breakfast rotation.

Aberdeen Tavern

Coming in at number one is Aberdeen Tavern. These guys do brunch like nobody else — their atmosphere, service, and menu is in a whole other class.

The atmosphere is the epitome of modern sophistication. It’s tavern chic, mixing dark woods with leather to create a cozy and inviting environment. The wall décor is showstopping with their antlers and old portrait paintings.

Aberdeen Tavern’s brunch menu offers both savoury and sweet items. They serve elevated classic items such as bacon and eggs, omelettes, and eggs benny, but some of their most famous items are new takes on old classics. Their cheesecake stuffed French toast is a must try for any new patron, as well as their Mississippi benny.

When anybody asks us for brunch suggestions, we immediately answer Aberdeen Tavern. Between the atmosphere, the service, and the flavour, Aberdeen Tavern rightfully deserves the title of the best brunch in Hamilton.

What changes would you make to our list? Let us know in the comments!

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