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The 10 Best Vegan Spots in Hamilton for 2018

Following a vegan lifestyle and can’t find anywhere local to grab delicious vegan goods? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this top ten list.

While we love that many Hamilton spots are starting to carry more inclusive options, for this list we wanted to stick to places that are either completely vegan or at least 50% of their options are vegan.

Here’s our 2018 list for Hamilton’s 10 best vegan spots.

  Paisley Coffeehouse & Eatery

Starting off our list is Paisley Coffehouse and Eatery. Nestled in the heart of Westdale, Paisley has quickly become both a student and neighbourhood favourite. Whether you’re vegan, gluten-free, both or neither, Paisley is sure to have something to satisfy your appetite.

While Paisley is known mostly for their delicious coffee and for being a prime study spot for McMaster students, the coffeehouse offers their customers a wide selection of goodies to munch on.

For every non-vegan item on the menu, there is always a vegan friendly counterpart. Whether you’re in the mood for baked goods, lunch or straight up comfort food, there’ll be a vegan option readily available. We’re personally big fans of their cookies and nachos.

  Bridges Cafe

Bridges Café is McMcaster University’s answer to inclusive eating on campus. Operating as an entirely meat-free food service, Bridges Café makes sure that both students and locals have access to incredible food that suits their dietary needs.

The Café makes for a great spot to go with friends, especially if you have all different appetites. For those who aren’t very hungry but still want to fuel up, Bridges offers items such as salads, starters, quick eats and fruit bowls. If you’re looking for more of a meal, they offer combos, a wide selection of entrees and a pasta bar.

All of Bridges’ options are vegetarian. While the majority of their options are entirely vegan, some menu items may come with cheese. Most items can be made entirely vegan by holding the dairy. Be sure to read the ingredients before ordering — when in doubt, ask!


Rawlicious is an entirely raw, vegan, organic and gluten free restaurant. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Rawlicious serves gourmet juices, smoothies, entrees and desserts.

When dining at Rawlicious, you won’t find any wheat, meat, dairy nor refined sugar. The restaurant’s goal is to not only provide food that is both healthy and delightful, but to also make sure each customer leaves feeling satisfied and alive.

The menu at Rawlicious takes inspiration from around the world. Not only will you find spring rolls, nachos and pad thai, but they also carry an assortment of salads, wraps and desserts. If you’re more of a smoothie person, Rawlicious makes over eight different flavours that are the ideal combination of both delicious and nutritious.

  Boon Burger

If you’re looking for an incredible meat-free burger, you have to check out Boon Burger. This burger joint serves a entirely plant-based menu – their goal is to offer all of the amazing comfort foods you would expect from a traditional burger joint, but cruelty free.

Most of Boon Burger’s food is made fresh in their local commissary kitchens and prepared in-house each morning. The restaurant offers a variety of comfort foods, from burgers, poutine, nachos, salads, peace-za (pizza sans animal products) and dessert.

Boon Burger is, of course, most famous for their burgers. There are four different patties to choose from – the classic grilled boon patty, Buddha patty, chick’n patty and the black bean patty. Whether you like your burger to be plain, have a couple or toppings or be completely over the top, Boon Burger has got plenty of amazing options.

  The Hearty Hooligan

The Hearty Hooligan is for vegans with a punk-rock attitude. This all vegan café and bakery serves up all of the delicious carbs and snacks you could possibly want.

Some of their most innovative menu items are their burritos. The Hearty Hooligan’s burritos are an entirely new spin on your favourite portable delight — their flavours often rotate, but some of their most popular flavours include loaded nacho, spicy mac + cheese as well as spaghetti and meatballs. Nothing beats a full meal you can eat on the go!

The Hearty Hooligan also serves pizza pockets, take home lunches, on-the-go snacks, desserts and ice cream. Whether you’re feeling sweet or savoury, The Hearty Hooligan has something for everyone.

  Lick the Whisk

Lick the Whisk is Hamilton’s first vegan dessert café. Started by two young Hamiltonians who have a passion for sweet treats, Lick the Whisk makes for the perfect spot to indulge your sweet tooth.

At Lick the Whisk, you’ll find a delicious variety of food that will keep you coming back for more. From waffles to donuts to ice cream to crepes, the staff at Lick the Whisk makes everything in house for optimal freshness.

Need a place to take that special someone out for an unforgettable date? Feeling like it’s time to treat yourself? With both their adorable atmosphere and incredible dessert, Lick the Whisk is the optimal place to sit back, relax and enjoy some dessert.


Democracy on Locke is a proudly vegan and vegetarian friendly café. Located on Locke Street, Democracy is a great spot for friends to gather and grab a bite to eat.

Democracy’s extensive menu is ever-evolving, making sure to always incorporate both fresh and local ingredients. Despite menu changes, you can always count on Democracy to serve the best breakfast, gourmet sandwiches, craft beer, coffee, baked goods and comfort food. Trust us, they serve some of the best nachos in all of Hamilton.

Democracy on Locke makes following a vegan lifestyle both accessible and tasty. Whether you’re visiting for breakfast, lunch or for a quick snack, everything at Democracy is fantastic.

  Coven Plant Based Marketplace

Coven Plant Based Marketplace is one of Hamilton’s newest vegan spots. Their mission is to not only supply delicious and cruelty-free food, but to make a vegan’s life easier.

At Coven, you’ll find a little bit of everything. Need a few groceries? They’ve got plenty. Craving fresh baked goods? Take your pick! Not in the mood to cook dinner? Don’t worry; pick up a grab-and-go box and be on your way.

Despite only being open for a couple of months, this fully vegan deli, grocery store and marketplace has made major waves in Hamilton. If you love things that make life convenient, you’re going to love Coven.

 Bliss Kitchen

As both an eatery and juice & smoothie bar, Bliss Kitchen is a place where healthy and delicious live happily in blissful balance. Each of their recipes are mindfully designed to nurture all aspects of their customers; they believe that there are infinite possibilities for those who live a plant-powered, whole food and nutrient-dense lifestyle.

Bliss is known for their assortment of smoothies and cold-pressed juices. Their smoothies are smooth, bright and bursting with flavour. Their cold-pressed juices will make you feel refreshed and like you are treating your body good.

Outside of drinks, Bliss offers tacos, salads, burgers, roasted fries, bowls and dessert. Each menu item is as fresh as it is flavourful. When dining at Bliss Kitchen, you will always leave feeling like you’re doing right by your body.

  Planted in Hamilton

Planted in Hamilton doesn’t see dietary limitations as restrictions — they see them as an opportunity to push the boundaries of what is possible with plants. Everything that is served at Planted in Hamilton is both vegan and gluten-free, making them the perfect spot for those with food sensitivities.

Their regular menu offers a variety of shareables, salads, sandwiches, mains and sides. We’re personally fans of their chickpea wings and their sweet potato street tacos. Their brunch menu, served on Sundays, offers the perfect assortment of lunch and breakfast options. Whether you’re feeling more like a scrambled tofu tostada or a planted burger, their options run the entire brunch gambit.

What makes Planted in Hamilton stand out to us is their goodie box subscription. For only $24 a month, you will receive a box containing six different baked goods. These boxes will not only contain new products being launched, but they will also have fan favourites you won’t see in the restaurant.

What we like so much about Planted in Hamilton is that they always strive to be innovative in both their business and their food. They’re making incredible strides for Hamilton’s vegan community and we cannot wait to see what they think of next.

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Rawlicious image courtesy of @super_suet on Instagram. Planted in Hamilton image courtesy of @happyearthreview on Instagram. Bliss Kitchen image courtesy of @kate.fraser on Instagram.

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