The cannons have been removed from Dundurn Castle

For at least a little while, Hamilton’s historic Dundurn Castle will not look the same; or be quite as protected from its enemies in battle.

The two longstanding cannons from this iconic heritage site have been removed, leaving a blank space in front of the Hamilton Military Museum lining York Boulevard where they have stood since 1978.

The relocation of this famous pair of cannons is due to safety and conservation concerns, according to a post on social media from Dundurn Castle.

“The deceptively heavy barrels (each one weighs over 2,300 pounds) sat atop reproduction wooden carriages which have started to deteriorate after years of exposure to the elements and the sheer weight of their load,” reads their post on Instagram.

“While the carriages have been inspected regularly and repaired when necessary over the years, they have now reached a point of decay where new carriages will be required.”

Dundurn Castle says the cannons were carefully lifted by crane and transported on a flatbed truck to the heritage site’s indoor storage facility. Options for the future support of the cannons are being considered.

It is also not yet known whether or not the cannons will return to the site of Dundurn Castle or be displayed elsewhere in the future.

Read more on Dundurn Castle’s Instagram page.

Lead image courtesy of @dundurn_castle

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