The cutest cupcake cafe just opened in Dundas

In these less-than-sweet times, we all deserve an extra dose of sugary goodness; and an adorable new spot in Hamilton may do the trick.

Bouchee Cupcake Café is a cute new café space in Downtown Dundas, serving up tasty treats like freshly baked cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cheesecakes, chocolate covered pretzels, coffee, and more.

As is evident from Bouchee’s drool-worthy Instagram feed, the desserts at this sweet new spot are as gorgeous to look at as they are delicious, each one crafted carefully into edible works of art; including custom cakes with detailed floral designs made from buttercream.

Slightly hidden away along the Downtown Dundas strip, Bouchee Cupcake Café is located at the rear of health food store The Horn of Plenty, taking up the former space of popular coffee spot Grupetto which itself has since moved down the street and rebranded as Café Domestiique.

The café’s interior aesthetic is also #onpoint, and though it can’t really be enjoyed by locals right now under stay-at-home orders, Bouchee Cupcake Café’s tantalizing desserts are still available for curb-side pickup.

Check them out at 24 King Street West behind the Horn of Plenty to get your fix!

Lead image courtesy of @boucheecakecafe

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