This new Hamilton spot is serving delicious Indonesian food

If you’re in the mood to nosh on something a little different, a new Hamilton food purveyor may be just what you’re looking for.

Indonesian’s Flavour is a new, nomadic Hamilton food spot serving up – as the name would suggest – authentic Indonesian comfort dishes that are as deliciously flavourful as they are satisfying.

Currently offering their dishes for local delivery as well as for pickup at The Kitchen Collective on King Street East, Indonesian’s Flavour features a regular weekly menu of traditional Indonesian dishes, as well as a special one-off menu that is featured every Saturday.

During the week, locals can expect Indonesian favourites like beef rendang – which is a tender curried beef that’s slow-cooked with coconut milk and aromatic spices – served over rice, in a wrap, or on a bun.

Other dishes include the Mie Goreng Jawa, which sees Javanese fried noodles tossed with chicken, boiled egg, and vegetables; and the Bakso Abang Abang, a meatball dish served in a special sauce.

Then, the special Saturday menus, called the Saturindo Surprise, feature some enticing one-off dishes that can be pre-ordered at least a week in advance for delivery or pickup.

There are very few places in Hamilton to get a fix of lovingly-made, authentic Indonesian cuisine, so check out Indonesian’s Flavour to get your first tastes!

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