What is Pickleball and where can you play in Hamilton?

Pickleball is having a little bit of a moment during the pandemic.

The racket sport has been taking over tennis courts around the city and has become a small gaming phenomenon during the time of physical distancing.

The distance at which you can play Pickleball is probably one of its biggest appeals during the pandemic, with individual players or pairs often separated by a few metres. 

Pickleball is a racket sport that’s comparable to an oversized table tennis. Players often use large wooden rackets and hit a perforated polymer ball back and forth over a net.

The rules are similar to other rackets sports such as badminton, tennis, or ping pong. Boundaries are drawn out by lines on the court and the main objective is to not let the ball hit the ground on your side of the net.

However, a lot of organized sports in the province have been cancelled or postponed due to the current stay-at-home order; and the official Pickleball Hamilton club is on hiatus until the Ontario Government loosens some of the restrictions. 

The City of Hamilton has 24 official outdoor Pickleball courts with the majority of them being in Confederation Park by the waterfront. Pickleball Hamilton has also been working with the city to revitalize old and unused tennis courts. 

Updates for organized Pickleball tournaments and event can be found on the Pickleball Hamilton website

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