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The value of gamification

By Laura Farr Jane McGonigal predicates that there is a value to gamification – utilizing games to better society. With close to 160,000,000,000 hours spent on online gaming in the last year (15,000...

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Positively jaded?

By Don Forbes I was walking through downtown Hamilton the other day, going from our office at Main and Hughson to James North. I enjoy that walk, as there a number of things that make me smile. It tak...

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The Whipped Man 101

By Lynda Lovric Men today have been emasculated, metro-sexualized and basically neutered by their female counterparts. While the likes of Helen Reddy may boom feminist anthems such as “I Am Woman”...

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Lessons from Pittsburgh and Buffalo

Pittsburgh or Buffalo? Pondering the possibility of a future with much less steel (notwithstanding the settlement at US Steel and its apparent survival in the short term), Hamilton leaders would do we...

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Hacking the City

By Joey Coleman Let’s take a drive. Start in the city of your choice. Your destination? Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. You’ve never been to Hamilton and have decided to see it for yourself. Le...

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New deal for Cities Redux

By Paul Shaker Almost 10 years ago, former Finance Minister Paul Martin addressed the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) conference in Hamilton and proclaimed the need for a “New Deal for C...

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The big momma of Art Crawls

By Jamie Tennant Downtown renewal is exciting in concept, but watching it happen is like watching the proverbial paint dry. The pace is steady, but the movements are often so tiny they are barely perc...

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Public engagement plus the built environment

By David Premi In order for Hamilton to become more competitive as a destination, we have an increasingly urgent need to make our city more walkable and liveable. We know from extensive recent researc...

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The economic value of Hamilton’s built heritage

By Paul Shaker Heritage buildings are often the subject of vigorous debate in Hamilton. Our built heritage is an inescapable part of who we are as a city. It defines us to ourselves and to others simp...

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Making amalgamation work for Hamilton

I’m reading a book by David Rusk called Inside Game/Outside Game, in which he makes a persuasive argument that cities that want to revitalize their urban cores must first unite and align politic...

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