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You can now own a fraction of the Karma Candy Factory in Hamilton

Those looking to be part of the future of downtown Hamilton should check out a unique opportunity at the iconic Karma Candy Factory on Emerald Street.

Forge & Foster, in collaboration with real estate investing platform BuyProperly, are offering a fractional investment campaign that allows investors to own a small portion of Karma Candy Factory for as little as $2,500.

Karma Candy Inc. is one of North America’s largest manufacturers of branded and premium private label confectionary products. Their offerings include hard candy and chocolate confectionary for Christmas, Valentine’s, Easter, and everyday for some of the world’s top confectionary brands.

The Karma Candy Factory is part of BuyProperly’s equity crowdfunding campaign which allows users to own a fraction of a property that may have otherwise been out of reach while also taking part in the upside potential. This Fractional Real Estate Model means that you can invest with as little as $2,500 and see projected annual returns of 10% to 40%.

As traditional real estate investing continues to face many challenges, this new model of investing makes for an excellent opportunity to be part of Hamilton’s burgeoning commercial real estate scene!

Visit BuyProperly’s website to learn more about the Karma Candy Factory and other commercial properties available through their unique program.

History of the Karma Candy Factory

1911: Built in 1911 to house the American Can Company, this company operated out of the facility until 1959, outgrowing the building and moving a few blocks west to the former Sawyer-Massey Factory (the Wellington property behind Hamilton General Hospital).

1931: Allan Candy, a homegrown Hamilton company, begins their humble entrepreneurial journey in the confectionery business and eventually becomes a grand Canadian success with their products becoming household names.

1961: Allan Candy needed to expand their business and moved their manufacturing facility to the present Emerald Street location. The operation consisted of Halloween Kisses, three Candy Cane lines and Chocolate produced on the 3rd floor of the present building.

1965: An automated Hollow Line (Jensen#1) was purchased followed by Jensen#2 (1972) and Jensen#3 (1984).

1971: A shell moulding plant (Winkler#1) was purchased. In the same year, an automated candy cane machine was purchased from a manufacturer in Poughkeepsie, New York and Winkler#2 purchased in 1986. Over the next 20 years, in-house development of equipment for forming and wrapping candy canes took place.

1991: Purchase of a drop roll line from Italy was made to manufacture lentals.

1995: Allan Candy is purchased by Cadbury Chocolate and becomes part of a new company called Trebor Allan Inc.

2000: A third shell moulding plant (Winkler#3) was purchased and subsequently a one shot depositor installed. By 2000, this plant had 20 candy cane lines, one drop depositor, one taffy line and six lollipop lines along with Chocolate moulding lines.

2007: Cadbury sells the Allan Candy business to ReichmannHauer Capital Partners where it becomes part of a new company called The Allan Candy Company Ltd.

2007: The Allan Candy Company Ltd. then sells the present Emerald Manufacturing site to Karma Candy Inc, where it is positioned to become a North American Centre of Excellence in Contract Confectionery Manufacturing under the leadership of Aditya Jha.

2022: Investment management firm Forge & Foster purchase the building and launch a fractional investment campaign through real estate investing platform BuyProperly to allow investors to own a fraction of Karma Candy Factory for as little as $2,500.

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