Café Limoncello

A Culinary Catalyst on Ottawa Street North In the 9-8th century BC, legend would have it that after failing to seduce Ulysses, Parthenope the siren threw herself into the sea and was washed ashore, la...

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Redstone Winery and Restaurant

As promised, with the advent of good weather, we will explore more of the Niagara wine region and its many offerings. This month, we visited Redstone Winery and Restaurant. Moray Tawse is a well known...

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Pura Vida

Part of the Renaissance of Ottawa Street North Sauro, the owner of the Tuscan deli, the subject of our story today, could be considered a “renaissance man”. It is a description that has been used ...

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Bringing Pizza to the Mountain

La Piazza Allegra has been the backdrop for many special moments for us Hamiltonians. We go to celebrate big occasions, private moments, and everything in between. La Piazza has been a Hamilton landma...

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Connecting Land And Sea

The Flavours of Aveiro Combine At Wild Orchid Restaurant Jorge is the proprietor and chef of Wild Orchid restaurant on the North end of James Street North. As they celebrate their 20th anniversary thi...

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Koosh Bistro

Tucked into Hamilton’s picturesque Westdale neighbourhood, Koosh Bistro’s glazed front with its yellow awning adorns Main Street West. The interior is truly bistro-like and oozes charm with a con...

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Food Culture | Claudio’s Ristorante

I always enjoy Anthony Bourdain’s unique and slightly cynical take on a world he does not particularly relish, except when he encounters authenticity in food and people. When he traveled to Rome for...

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Ventura’s Signature Restaurant

The owner of Ventura’s Signature Restaurant, Virgilio, is a complex individual. Having worked in engineering, then in military and restaurant kitchens in Portugal and its colonies in Africa, he deci...

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A Vibrant Hospitality Scene, A Healthy Community

What makes a person healthy? What makes a city healthy? There are many factors that ultimately determine whether or not we as individuals are healthy, as health can take many forms: physical, mental, ...

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The Best Thing to Hit Hamilton since Sliced Cheese

Hamilton’s food scene has been on the uprise as of late, and quickly becoming a foodie destination talked about outside our city limits. Adding to Hamilton’s food-forward cachet is Ontario’s fir...

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