19. Chad Collins: City Councillor, Ward 5

Chad Collins


By Ilya Pinassi, VP Operations, Parkway Nissan

I don’t have a head for politics but appreciate the influence of City Council on our day to day lives. For this reason, I fired up the Google machine when we moved to Hamilton to learn more about the people on Council. Through the City website, Raise the Hammer and the Spec, I focused on councillors serving the ward we live in and where our dealerships operate. As an advocate for term limits for Council I was particularly interested in Councillor Collins who began serving in his twenties.

I’m not well versed on which way on the political spectrum he leans, his political aspirations, or what events he attends and doesn’t. What I do know is that every time I have called his dynamic assistant Lucy or asked to speak with him personally, he always makes the time to listen with care and assist where possible. I have come to know him as very hard working and truly dedicated to his constituents. He is in regular contact with his assistant (also extremely efficient and committed) who keeps him up to date with each call and email coming into his office. The amount of time he spends in personal outreach is astounding.

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