An enticing new vegan bakery is opening on James North

Vegans and conscious foodies of Hamilton, ready those bellies: a new bakery is opening its doors on James North, and it will be exclusively serving up plant-based, gluten-free goodness.

That bakery is Dolled Up Desserts, a storefront expansion of an existing Hamilton brand that is known for its pop-ups, baking classes, recipes, and packaged baking mixes, as well as promoting what they have dubbed #inclusivedessert: sweet-tooth satisfiers that are also fully ethical and made with recipes that do not use animal products.

Opening on July 1st at 142 James Street North – the former storefront of Hotti Biscotti before they moved operations to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market – Dolled Up Desserts looks enticing even from the outside. A bright pink façade catches the eye from afar, with a vintage aesthetic that immediately transports you to the 1950s.

But it’s what’s inside that counts, right? And Katarina Poletto, owner of Dolled Up Desserts, clearly knows what she’s doing – that is, if the enticing teases on social media of her innovative and playful plant-based baked goods are any indication.

For example, one daily mainstay at Dolled Up Desserts is going to be what Poletto has dubbed the ‘Ruffles Krispie’: a sweet & salty variation of a Rice Krispie square that uses crushed rippled chips instead of the classic puffed rice cereal. Like, come on; how delicious does that sound!?

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Whether you’re vegan or not, it seems like there will be at least a few things to make your mouth water down at Dolled Up Desserts, from cakes to cookies to brownies and beyond.

Check them out when they open this week on July 1st! Or don’t, and be sad and sweet-less. It’s up to you.

Dolled Up Desserts opens this Wednesday, July 1st at 142 James Street North.

Lead image courtesy of @dolledupdessertsbaking

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