Canada’s first edible cookie dough made right here in Hamilton

It’s a trend for a reason – cookie dough is tasty, rich, and a whole lot of fun to eat.

Tania and Jason Gloster knew they had to try making their own version of edible cookie dough after an employee at their Dundas store, Horn of Plenty Urban Market, visited New York City and gushed about the delicious treat. Not yet caught on in Canada, the Glosters were ahead of the curve when they created Cookie DOH! in spring 2017, not only the first edible cookie dough in Hamilton, but in Canada.

The husband and wife business partners took the inspiration from New York City and worked hard to develop a safe-for-eating version of the dessert that mimicked the real thing, right down to the texture. Co-creator Jason recalls growing up enjoying cookie dough, “It reminds me of my favourite memories as a child, making cookies at home and licking the beater. I got to enjoy the dessert even before it was done baking.”

If you’re on the fence about trying edible cookie dough, rest assured it is safe to indulge in. Tania and Jason’s Cookie DOH! is shelf-stable and made with real butter, whole egg powder, and heat-treated flour. “It’s a bit more time-consuming, but the extra steps are worth it,” says Tania. “We use all real ingredients,” Jason continues. “We did a lot of testing to get it right; it’s about getting it down to a science.” With a shelf life of five to seven days on the counter and in the fridge for three weeks (freezing is also an option), you can savour your dough at your own pace. Better yet, you can choose to eat it as is, or save some and bake it as you would regular cookies. Two desserts in one!

Customers clearly had this same nostalgic feeling, as Cookie DOH! took off as soon as they introduced it at Horn of Plenty. As popularity increased, the pair looked for other locations to offer their confection. Now you can find Cookie DOH! at Rush Sugar Bar, select Cineplex movie theatres in Hamilton, Ancaster, Stoney Creek, and all the way to Oakville, FirstOntario Centre, and Tim Hortons Field. “It was always a dream to be in big stadiums,” says Jason. “We love being a part of these larger experiences, and being at places like Tim Hortons Field during games is so much fun.” Tania adds, “At the time it seemed so big and impossible, but we thought, ‘Why not just try it?’” And their team isn’t just Jason and Tania – their son Jack and daughter Tessa help run the booth during games as well.

Despite their growth, Cookie DOH! is still a family-run business. One of the challenges for Tania and Jason is managing that growth in a way that is sustainable. Jason explains, “We want to ensure that as we scale, the quality people have come to expect remains intact.” As a small operation, they’re slowly working to expand into other cities in the Golden Horseshoe. “Right now we’re the ones overseeing it, doing sales, delivering orders, and making the product, ensuring it’s always fresh,” says Tania. Their next goal is to find someone to join the team who can help manage the venture.

In the meantime, they offer the product online. With regular customers as far as Ottawa, they sell their core flavours in packs of four – perfect for testing tried and true favourites. Chocolate Chip, Birthday Cake, Oreo Cookies and Cream, and Reese’s Explosion are the best sellers, with special flavours released periodically, including Ti-Cats-themed and seasonal. For the holidays, customers can look forward to choices like chocolate orange, candy cane, and the unique offering of warm cookie dough for those chilly winter days. “We’re always trying new flavors. The creative process is exciting, and diverse options for customers are a great way to get noticed. We love hearing people’s responses when we release something new,” says Jason.

Be sure to stop by Dundas for the Christmas tree lighting this November and visit Horn of Plenty for some hot chocolate and Cookie DOH! to warm you up!

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