Garage sales still permitted this summer in Hamilton

Those looking for slightly used rarities are in luck as garage sales are permitted in Hamilton this summer. 

Sellers are expected to run garage sales with crowds fewer than 10 people while practicing physical distancing and other precautions that help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

According to a report filed by CBC Hamilton, garage sales are not banned but those choosing to sell their used items are taking on the responsibility of following health and safety protocols similar to any other business. 

If sellers are reported to be ignoring the guidelines, they could face a visit from a by-law officer who will hand out hefty fines. 

Although there has been no provincial order banning garage sales, the City of Hamilton is advising the public that it might not be the best activity during the current situation. 

Large annual garage sales and markets have already been cancelled throughout the city including the Beach Strip Garage Sale which takes place on the second weekend in July. 

Local buy-and-sell groups on Facebook continue to flourish during the lockdown and the phased reopening. 

Facebook groups saw an increased marketplace for used items after the closure of non-essential businesses in March. 

Despite it being a more controlled environment, debate has continued during the coronavirus outbreak about whether it’s responsible or safe to sell used items to strangers. 

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