Hamilton Farmers’ Market announces new operating hours

After many years of the same weekly schedule, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market has announced a change in operating hours. 

For as long as we can remember, the Market at 35 York Boulevard – home to stands for many regional farmers, food spots, artisans and small businesses – has operated on a schedule of being open Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays each week. 

However, after a board meeting on June 26th, the Board of Directors approved a change in operating hours that represents the most significant shift in several years aside from the pandemic. 

Beginning Wednesday, September 6th, the Hamilton Farmers’ Market will be open Wednesday and Thursday from 9 am to 5 pm, Friday from 9 am to 7 pm, and Saturday from 8 am to 5 pm. It will be closed Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. 

“This is a direct action arising out of our public engagement exercise over the past few months,” said the Hamilton Farmers’ Market’s Bill Slowka.

“I thank the Board for their careful consideration of this and believe that the change in operating hours will welcome new customers to the market and make it more convenient for existing downtown shoppers.” 

What do you think of this change? Let us know in the comments! 

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  • Gabriel Nash

    13.07.2023 5:58 pm

    this new schedule is ok. liked it better when Saturdays used to be 6 am to 6pm.

  • mike

    13.07.2023 9:24 pm

    this is actually horrible for most of the farmers in the market. I feel like they were not consulted. these new hours do not help farmers at all. With the market being closed in between for so long most produce will not last therefor anything that isn’t sold will be going bad.. this is not conducive to fresh ingredients. Furthermore, as a chef that uses products from the market on a weekly basis i know i will not be able to go there at the beginning of the week when these new hours start.. which means i’ll have to get my vegetables cheese and meats elsewhere.. this is extremely disheartening as i try to support our local growers. I fail to see how this is an improvement at all.

    • Ben

      18.07.2023 6:10 pm

      The two farmers that they have in the market are closed Tuesdays…… so it makes sense

  • Marion Claege

    13.07.2023 9:28 pm

    I lke it for the vendors sake. Open one day, closed one day, open the next day….this is more consistent with days in a row.

  • Camilla King

    13.07.2023 11:04 pm

    The new hours will definitely be more convenient!

  • Tiffany

    13.07.2023 11:52 pm

    This is much needed!

  • Gary Mitchell

    14.07.2023 10:30 am

    It is not a farmers market anymore , it is a coffee shop , you have ruined the Market that was.

    • Elizabeth Walkling Mazurski

      18.07.2023 12:24 am

      100% agree! I grew up on that market. My family had a stall when it was a Farmers market not a darn mini mall!

      • Kathy

        18.07.2023 6:09 pm

        I go to the market often and unfortunately they have a hard time finding farmers anymore to work all year round. The big guys are buying up all their crops and paying them a big pay check. However, great vendors and still a great community spot to visit. Times have changed. Downtown has changed. We have to adapt to change.

  • Juju

    14.07.2023 12:01 pm

    Now I need a new way to remember market days. It was always “the market is open on days withoutvthe letter N”. Easy peasy

  • John Roberts

    14.07.2023 12:43 pm

    Makes sense to me. I am all for it.

  • Joanne Keenan

    14.07.2023 3:43 pm

    If it makes the market more viable and accessible to more, I’m all for it. I’m coming from out of town now so I work around their hours, whatever they are. I contact my favorite vendors in advance to prep my orders for the days I can make it in — which is an invaluable service I’m sure most offer.

    The Hamilton Market is one of the few permanent all-year, indoor markets we have — I’ll do whatever I need to do to make it work.

  • Peter Lesser

    14.07.2023 6:50 pm

    They should be open Wed through Sunday

  • Dave

    14.07.2023 7:15 pm

    Half the merchants were closed on Tuesdays! Hopefully this change means all merchants are open ALL days that the Market is. Tuesdays were useless. Otherwise, LOVE the Market!

  • Peter

    15.07.2023 12:46 pm

    The new hours for the Hamilton Farmers’ Market in September are:

    Wed & Thur: 9am to 5pm
    Fri: 9am to 7pm
    Sat: 8am to 5pm – please revise your article to reflect the 8am start time, not 9am.

    Thank you

  • Karen Davy

    15.07.2023 12:47 pm

    Much better. Most people work till 5pm. Later hours are great. Haven’t been to the market is ages because of the hrs and I live close to downtown. Definitely more convenient

  • Michael greenan

    15.07.2023 5:22 pm

    Iam totally against the changes.

  • Carrole

    16.07.2023 2:16 am

    I personally love the new days
    And the new hours!!!

  • Lynda Muller

    16.07.2023 5:12 pm

    It makes sense to me.

  • Theresa

    17.07.2023 12:36 pm

    So everyone’s space will sit empty and not used for three days? What’s the point of closing the space down.

  • Mary Anne McDougall

    17.07.2023 11:51 pm

    I hope the vendors were consulted and voted in favour of the new hours. I will always shop at the market and support this Hamilton treasure.


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