Hamilton hits new record with 1,783 active COVID-19 cases

As the city reckons with the pandemic’s third wave and tries to make sense of the Ford government’s increasingly confusing and frustrating stay-at-home orders, Hamilton has hit a new record for the most known active cases of COVID-19 at one time.

As of the most recent update, the city is known to have 1,783 active cases of the virus; the highest number recorded in the city at one time since the pandemic first hit Hamilton last March.

This brings the current overall total of cases to 15,986 confirmed in Hamilton since the start of the pandemic, with 350 total COVID-related fatalities.

The case count also comes as the city continues its vaccine rollout, with residents as young as 40 years old currently eligible for a jab alongside older populations, health care workers, long-term care workers and residents, staff and residents of the shelter system, and other priority groups.

Hamilton’s Mayor Fred Eisenberger urges locals to get vaccinated as soon as they are offered the chance to do so, and to remain diligent about health and safety measures.

“Please get vaccinated as soon as your turn comes up or if you live in a COVID-19 hotspot,” said Mayor Eisenberger in a statement.

“Until then, please follow the provincial stay-at-home order and stay home except for essential work or work that cannot be done from home, grocery store visits, medical appointments, and outdoor exercise such as a walk around the block.

“This, along with mask-wearing, frequent hand-washing, and maintaining a safe physical distance, will keep you and your loved ones safe.”

Read more about COVID-19 in Hamilton on the city website.

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