Hamilton is letting locals test out the new city website

The City of Hamilton is about to launch a brand new website, and they’re allowing locals to take it for a test ride.

The city is offering a preview of the forthcoming website, and asking the community for feedback and suggestions as they prepare to officially switch over to the new page.

Available to view at beta.hamilton.ca, the new website has a similar feel and colour scheme to the current one, but with a noticeably different interface that’s simpler and arguably clearer to navigate.

A search function is placed prominently at the top of the page, allowing visitors to readily find topics and pages of importance on a multifaceted website that’s as much about city infrastructure as it is about community events.

What do you think of the new website? Let us know in the comments, and share your feedback with the City of Hamilton at beta.hamilton.ca!

Lead image courtesy of Unsplash

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