Hamilton Public Library has completely eliminated late fees

The Hamilton Public Library (HPL) has changed the game.

The city’s circuit of public library branches has made the decision to completely eliminate late fees from all borrowed library materials going forward.

As of May 2021, the HPL will not be charging material fines on library books and other borrowed materials to remove a longstanding barrier to access within the city’s library system.

In addition, any outstanding fines accumulated on any library cardholder’s accounts have been forgiven and wiped clean to provide “a fresh start for everyone.”

Some may wonder how the HPL can afford to wipe away revenues generated by late fees; but the library says that late fees have actually become more of a burden in recent years.

“The amount collected by fines and fees declines annually and takes a lot of staff time,” says the HPL, adding that they will instead by offering a new pay-it-forward donor fund in support of library programming, collections, and more.

Read more about the Hamilton Public Library’s removal of late fees on their website. Those interested in making a donation to the library can do so here.

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