Hamilton sees its youngest COVID-related death with 48 year-old woman

Hamilton has just seen its 45th official death related to COVID-19 since the beginning of the pandemic, and this new death is also the youngest to date.

After a full month with zero COVID-related fatalities in Hamilton, a 48 year-old local woman is the most recent COVID-19 patient to die with the virus. She’s also the youngest to date, with the next youngest local death having been at 60 years old.

The 48 year-old woman died in hospital this past weekend on Saturday, July 25th.

Notably, this is one of the only COVID-19 deaths from a case within the Hamilton community, as opposed to those occurring from outbreaks within long-term care facilities.

Hamilton also considers COVID-related fatalities to be ones where the patient dies while infected with COVID-19, but does not necessarily indicate that the virus was the key cause of death.

Before this, the last local COVID-19 death was an 87 year-old resident at Rosslyn Retirement Residence: a facility now infamous for having Hamilton’s largest, and deadliest, COVID-19 outbreak with 16 total fatalities.

To date, Hamilton has seen 888 total confirmed and probable cases of COVID-19 in the city, with 827 of those considered resolved and 45 total deaths. The number of known active COVID-19 cases in Hamilton is 16.

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