Motel 6 in Burlington gets scorched by nearby bush fire

The Burlington Fire Department was quick to respond to a bush fire on North Service Road that ignited the nearby Motel 6 on Monday. 

Fire crews were called to the Motel 6 location around 4 pm after receiving reports of a bush fire in the area. 

When the fire department arrived, they found that some bushes were in flames close to the exterior of the motel.

The bottom floor of the motel had already experienced some significant damage after the flames blew out a window and had started to move to the second floor. 

However, fire crews were able to make quick work of it and got the blaze under control within 20 minutes. 

One person was assessed at the scene for possible smoke inhalation. There has been no reported cause of the fire at this time. 

This fire in Burlington was just one of several in the GTHA over the last week. A row of 11 townhouses were destroyed by a fire in Stoney Creek in the early hours of Monday.

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