Hamilton’s culinary scene is receiving national attention

For many years, we’ve seen new trendy restaurants pop up all over Hamilton. Now, Hamilton is on the radar of fine dining within Ontario according to a new food article in Westjet magazine.

Author of the article “The Best Places to Eat and Drink in Hamilton, Ontario” Michele Sponagle says the city has finally shed its steak and seafood image.

In a recent interview with Global News Radio, Sponagle says that Hamilton has been a place for good food for years, but it has always stood in the shadow of the wineries of the Niagara region.

The unique personality of Hamilton’s food scene is one of the major through lines of Sponagle’s article.

“It’s not like Brooklyn, it’s not Toronto light. It really is its own thing and a very unique personality,” said Sponagle, “They’re not followers. There’s a lot of first that happened in Hamilton. You look at Pokeh, that was the first poke bar in Canada.”


Since at least 2015, the restaurant scene in Hamilton has been exploding with veteran chefs and restaurateurs ditching Toronto.

Some notable chefs from Toronto that are now plying their trade in Hamilton are Michael Cipollo who’s the owner of Hambrgr (formerly the executive chef at Bier Markt), chef Matt Beasley (formerly with One now operates The Pigeon in Mt. Hope), chef John Forcier (formerly sous chef at Canoe in Toronto is Director of Culinary Operations at Equal Parts Hospitality), and chef Matt Cowan (ex-Portland Variety and now owns The Heather). The list goes on.

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