Hamilton’s first BIPOC film festival is launching this year

This year marks the first Hamilton Black Film Festival that looks to showcase cultural, traditional, and modern films of African, Caribbean, Indigenious, East and South Asian, and Middle Eastern filmmakers.

The festival is looking to provide the opportunity to showcase some of the world’s most talented filmmakers creative works that are inclusive, diverse, and dynamic.

“The HBFF is an accessible platform to showcase films that are made by, for and about People of Colour around the world, focusing on both the challenges and triumphs of everyday life.” said festival founder Paize Usiosefe in a statement.

Featuring films by, for, and about the BIPOC community, the Hamilton Black Film Festival notes the importance of inclusion of the contributions of BIPOC filmmakers in front of and behind the camera.

Due to COVID-19, the majority of the film festival will take place online with live streams of the films being the only way spectators can participate this year. 

Although film submissions have closed at the end of February, the festival is currently looking for sponsors for some events. For more information, visit the Hamilton Black Film Festival website.

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