Hamilton’s peregrine falcons at Sheraton Hotel lay first egg of 2024

Hamilton’s iconic peregrine falcons have laid their first egg of 2024 and set a new record. 

The update has been provided by the Hamilton Community Peregrine Project: an organization that tracks peregrine falcons Judson and McKeever via camera at their nesting place atop the Sheraton Hotel at Jackson Square. 

The small brown egg was spotted on Sunday, March 17th, beating the previous record for the earliest laying of an egg at the Sheraton Hotel that was set on March 18th, 2020. 

“McKeever was seen settling in the scrape at the far end of the ledge, looking like she was keeping an egg warm, but when she left, there was nothing to be seen,” reads the update from the Hamilton Community Peregrine Project. 

“It turns out the scrape really is that deep. Judson popped into the scrape a few minutes later and rolled the first egg of 2024 into view!”

Locals can follow along with updates on Judson and McKeever at falcons.hamiltonnature.org

Lead image courtesy of Hamilton Community Peregrine Project

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