Hamilton’s Staircase Theatre has officially reopened to serve up vegan pub bites

It’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Hamilton’s beloved Staircase Theatre, a local independent arts institution and café space that the city’s culture lovers almost lost earlier last year, is reopening officially today to start serving up a brand new menu of vegan comfort food and pub fare.

This marks a big turning point for this local arts staple following a year when its fate was entirely up in the air, as The Staircase’s longstanding owners announced their intentions to sell the heritage space; a move that left many anxiously wondering whether we’d ever set foot in The Staircase Theatre again.

But luckily, a trio of arts lovers and business owners including Staicha Kidd of The Hearty Hooligan, Alastair Hill of Rise Above Pizzeria and Democracy, and Marc Nascimento of 1Up Games approached The Staircase with an offer to take the reins on operations and keep the building alive as an indie performance venue and community hub while adding a brand new vegan restaurant.

Since then, this new trio of “People Under the Staircase” have been giddily sharing social media updates on their progress in transforming the venue while still preserving the playful, scrappy soul that makes The Staircase stand out. Graffiti mural art by local artist The Dope Chief, arcade games, retro vibes, and loving monuments to the shows of The Staircase’s past are all a piece of this venue’s fresh aesthetic.

Now, though the theatre itself won’t be open to the public for the foreseeable future due to the pandemic, The Staircase is officially launching its menu of vegan pub fare that will – until the restaurant space itself can open – be available for delivery through all of the usual apps.

What kind of food can be expected? The Staircase has been teasing a number of drool-worthy options including vegan corn dogs, burgers, nachos, cheesy & spicy antojitos, and the sure-to-be-iconic Staircase Chips which feature a potato thinly sliced into a staircase-like spiral and deep-fried on a stick.

The full menu will be available for curb-side pickup and launching on apps like Skip the Dishes and Uber Eats tonight from 4 pm to 9 pm, so locals can get their first tastes of this plant-based comfort food and support one of Hamilton’s most important cultural institutions during its resurgence!

Check out The Staircase on social media for more.

Lead image courtesy of @thestaircase

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