Hamilton’s Stala Building Solutions is all about excellence, community, and unmatched service

What started as a shared dream between old friends has turned into not only one of Hamilton’s most in-demand, top rated interior finishes supply and install companies; but also a community-centric initiative founded on camaraderie and a push for excellence. 

Stala Building Solutions was founded in 2020 by Dave Stala, who runs the business alongside Mihai Raducanu, a friend he met at Cathedral High School in the 1990s. The two share much in common: both immigrated from Poland and Romania respectively, are driven entrepreneurs, and bonded over a mutual love of sports. Stala himself is a former CFL football player, and Raducanu is an accomplished basketball player and coach who attended university on an NCAA scholarship. 

With Stala as owner and Raducanu as Head Coach of Business Development, the pair brought that teamwork philosophy into their partnership with a goal of filling a gap in the market for quality interior finishes and services in Hamilton and beyond. They’ve built their 10-person team in typical sports form by drafting ‘players’ they knew, trusted, and who played sports in their lives. 

“Growing up in the city’s downtown core as an immigrant while attending Cathedral and later playing for the Ti-Cats has been a huge part of starting Stala Building Solutions,” says Dave Stala. 

“The goal is to help small builders, contractors, renovators, and flippers be more efficient while still understanding the culture of Hamilton and embracing it for all that it has to offer. I wanted Stala Building Solutions to be the one-stop shop for interior finishes.” 

Their superpower is custom interior doors that they measure, build, and install; and custom kitchens, flooring, and trim are part of Stala Building Solutions’ end-to-end services. Whether it’s a supply & install job or a precision take-off, they approach their work with trustworthiness, consistency, efficiency, dynamic teamwork driven by their passion for sports, and unmatched service from start to finish.

Stala and Raducanu prioritize their mission to create opportunities and make a difference in Hamilton through initiatives like the ‘Dollar for Doors’ program, where a portion of their proceeds is donated to a deserving community recipient or charity each quarter. 

With a showroom at 668 King Street East and a warehouse down the street at 521 Wilson Street East – both across the street from Cathedral High School as a fitting nod to their roots – Stala Building Solutions has become an MVP in the industry after just a few years, offering quality products and services in the Hamilton/Niagara/Brant region while maintaining an authentic boutique feel. 

As Raducanu puts it, Stala Building Solutions isn’t just about supplying and installing interior finishes; they aim to create a culture. 

“This was an opportunity to give back to the city and, at the same time, build a service-based supply and install business that challenges traditional industry norms,” he says. 

“We created. Now we are building.”

Learn more about Stala Building Solutions on their website to learn more about their products, services, and community initiatives. Visit their showroom at 668 King Street East, and follow them on social media here.

Images courtesy of Stala Building Solutions

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