Hart store moves from Hamilton City Centre to east end

When Hamilton’s iconic City Centre at the heart of the downtown core officially closed as the end of last year to make way for condo developments, with it went the centre’s numerous standing tenants from shops to food vendors and more. 

One such tenant was the unmissable Hart store: the sole Hamilton location of the Canadian discount chain, and a 35,000 square foot shop that first opened in the City Centre back in 2006

Thankfully, the city hasn’t lost this longstanding staple, as Hart has since moved to a new location at 276 Kenilworth Avenue North, a short distance away from the Centre on Barton. 

With nearly 100 locations across Canada, Hart has become known as a department store specializing in affordable home décor, furniture, kitchen items, clothing, toys, electronics, and more. 

Hart was one of the most popular stores within the Hamilton City Centre, so it’s heartening to see it makes a quick return to a brand new location in the city! 

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  • Vanessa

    09.05.2023 12:47 am

    What happened to the discount dollarstore ? Anyone know ?

    • Jen

      10.05.2023 5:53 pm

      They just closed for good, we asked them if they were going to relocate and they said unfortunately not

  • Beverly

    09.05.2023 8:48 am

    So happy to read this, and it’s so close to my home!

  • patty

    12.05.2023 8:06 pm

    right around the corner. Perfect

  • Debbie A.

    13.05.2023 6:57 pm

    So happy to here that Hart didn’t leave Hamilton

  • Chris

    18.08.2023 3:15 pm

    Any information about parking (I am assuming, by what I know of the location, the store doesn’t have a free parking lot?

    • Nicole

      08.09.2023 10:54 pm

      There is parking at the rear for free


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