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High fives for recycling

For the average Hamiltonian, caring about the environment is often a thankless job. You know recycling is the right thing to do for the environment and for the future. But let’s face it, nobody’s waiting for you late at night or during the early hours of the morning to applaud you as you take trash you’ve painstakingly sorted into paper, plastic, compost and rubbish to the curb. But now there’s a chance stand out as the exemplary environmentalist that you are.
The City of Hamilton is working to give recognition to outstanding recyclers. My Gold Box is an initiative that seeks out those doing their part for the environment. Okay, so you don’t have a crowd eagerly waiting to cheer you on, but it’s close!

To get your hands on one of those gilded boxes, you need to follow three easy steps.

  • Sign up at www.mygoldbox.ca and register your address.
  • Bring your green bin, blue boxes, and any trash/yard waste to the curb by 7:00am every week.
  • Keep your garbage to a minimum—one bag or fewer, a week.

Addresses are randomly checked to ensure that you’re recycling properly. The recycling audits are conducted once a month by political ward. The initiative’s goal is to award gold boxes to home owners in every ward within the city.
Win a golden bin and become recognized as a role model and champion of recycling within your community.

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