James Street Bookseller was broken into multiple times this week

It’s been a rough week for one of Hamilton’s enduring favourite independent book shops.

James Street Bookseller, which is a fixture of James Street South right beside the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts, shared via social media that they’ve seen multiple break-ins at their storefront this week alone; even multiple times in a single night.


In total, James Street Bookseller says they were broken into and vandalized four times in the span of three days at the hands of what seems to be the same individual, who has been repeatedly smashing the storefront’s windows.

In a reply to a comment on their Instagram, the bookstore notes that the alleged perpetrator was arrested on the third night – the night of the double break-in – but was quickly released by Hamilton police and returned to the store to vandalize it another time in the same evening.

Locals have been commenting in solidarity with James Street Bookseller over the frustrating, exhausting saga, with hopes that the vandal won’t continue to return and wreak havoc on this beloved book shop.

Read more on James Street Bookseller’s social media.

Lead image courtesy of @j.s.bookseller

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