Letter To The Editor – March 2017

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This is in response to your February Urbanicity editorial.

My parents also lived through the Nazi occupation of Holland, just like your grandparents. So I totally understand your aversion to Nazi-like behaviour. But I want to aleviate your concern about Trump.

Newspapers have been lying about Trump. He’s not a racist, like they say. A homeless black woman has been living in his tower for 10 years for free. During his month in office police has incarcerated 1500 human trafficers and pedophiles.

Why are the main stream media lying? They are owned by globalists that decided at their Bilderberg meetings that Hillary would be president. Check out David Seaman on YouTube. He got fired from Huffington post bc he wrote an article critical of Hillary.

The whole Trump-is-a-Nazi narrative is construed by the media who is an extention of the Democratic Party. Trump is actually a decent man (albeit with some weird quirks) who will do a lot of good and make his country safer.

It’s the rioting left who’s more acting like Nazi thugs.

Anyways, I hope I’ve alleviated some concerns,

-Herman van Barneveld, Hamilton

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