Spot for delicious Italian pizza, pasta, sandwiches opens in Hamilton

Hamilton food lovers have an exciting new spot to get their fix of exceptional Italian eats like pizza, handmade pasta, baked goods, pantry items, and much more. 

Well, calling it “new” is only partially true. Artie’s, located at 170 Locke Street South, represents an expansion and reinvention of Pasta Mercato, which opened its doors less than two years ago as a tiny Italian market specializing in fresh pasta and other fine foods. 

Pasta Mercato co-owners Roman and Melanie Kremnev seized the opportunity to expand when their neighbouring business vacated, giving them additional physical space to increase their production capacity and diversify their offerings.

As Artie’s, the shop will continue to whip up fresh pasta in a variety of shapes and Italian-style sandwiches on house focaccia, while adding even more items to the menu like Roman-style pizza by the slice, sweet Italian pastries, coffee & espresso, and more. 

The shop will also prioritize balancing high quality with affordability by providing exceptional Italian food at a reasonable price. 

“I’m not Italian, but I’ve always loved Italian food and the culture around it: simple, ingredients-first food that brings people together,” says co-owner Roman Kremnev. 

“Our regulars often come in three or four times a week; we do what we do to put the best product on their tables so they can have those moments with their families.”

Artie’s is now open at 170 Locke Street South! Follow them on social media for more. 

Lead image courtesy of Nicolas Mertens

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  • M’s

    21.02.2023 3:33 pm

    So looking for a fabulous Italian restaurant…. Please be it!🙏

  • Robert Cekan

    22.02.2023 6:07 pm

    Can’t wait to give this place a try!


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