Spot for vegetarian Indian eats is opening in Hamilton

Indian cuisine is known for having some of the most flavourful vegetarian dishes, and a new spot opening in Hamilton looks like it’ll bring the goods. 

Delight Corner is opening soon at 600 Concession Street on the Hamilton Mountain with a range of Indian eats that are exclusively vegetarian.

The menu features chaat including panipuri, Dahi Bhalla, and samosas as well as Indian street food and fusion items like masala fries, veggie tikki burgers, Vada Pav, aloo mutter puffs, tandoori masala potato twisters, and so much more. 

The offerings at Delight Corner appear eclectic and varied; a range of flavourful dishes without a scrap of meat in sight.

With the menu already available to view on delivery apps like DoorDash, it seems Delight Corner is targeting March 23rd as their official opening date! Check them out when they launch and get your first tastes.

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Lead image courtesy of @concessionbia

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