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The 10 Best Restaurants Near McMaster University for 2018

Going to school at McMaster University but don’t know where to eat off campus? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this top ten list.

When creating this particular list, we looked at the different sit-down restaurants within a 1.5 kilometre radius of H.G. Thode Library. While we usually rank our top 10’s by which places are our favourites, we categorized this list by distance.

Here’s our 2018 list for the 10 best restaurants near McMaster University.

  Saigon Asian Restaurant

Saigon Asian Restaurant has served quality Vietnamese and Chinese food in Westdale for over ten years. The restaurant offers a variety of meal options, such as steaming soups, sizzling stir-frys and sensational starters.

Saigon Asian Restaurant makes eating out on a student budget possible. Only an 18-minute walk from campus, this restaurant is perfect for those who love Vietnamese and Chinese food without breaking the bank.

Saigon Restaurant is 1.5 kilometres away from H.G. Thode Library.

  The Express Restaurant

Named after a train that travels through mountains, rivers and hearts of many Italian cities, The Express Restaurant represents a fusion of northern, central and southern Italian cuisine.

When it comes to their menu, The Express Restaurant believes in keeping things fresh. With made-to-order wood fire pizzas, made in-house pasta and hand tossed gourmet salads, each visit to the restaurant will be a memorable one.

At only an 18-minute walk from campus, The Express Restaurant is a perfect place for birthday dinners and dates.

The Express Restaurant is 1.5 kilometres away from H.G. Thode Library.

 Burrito Bandidos

Burrito Bandidos has brought a much-needed Mexican flair to Westdale’s culinary scene. Focused on serving the best burritos and quesadillas, Burrito Bandidos offers their customers both vegetarian and traditional options. With plenty of different meats, meat substitutes and toppings, there’s a little something for everyone.

Burrito Bandidos is a great spot to grab lunch or fuel up before a study session. Located only 18-minutes from campus, this Mexican grub hub is worth the walk.

Burrito Bandidos is 1.5 kilometres away from H.G. Thode Library.


Basilique has been a staple in Westdale Village for years. Their menu is a fusion of Canadian and Mediterranean cuisine, featuring items such as soup, pizza, wings, wraps, and plenty of vegan bites.

One of the coolest parts about Basilique is what they call their Athletic Meals. If you like the idea of meal prepping but don’t want to do the work, they’ll build well-balanced, microwave ready meals for you. More information on their Athletic Meals can be found here.

Basilique is a great spot for friends who all want to eat something a little different. With their wide variety of options, and only a 17-minute walk from campus, you can’t go wrong with Basilique.

Basilique is 1.4 kilometres away from H.G. Thode Library.

  Pho Rong Vang

Pho Rong Vang is a family-run Southeast Asian restaurant. Known for their great prices and large portions, Pho Rong Vang serves classics such as fried rice, rice vermicelli, pho and plenty of different combination plates. They even have bubble tea!

Being on the smaller side, the restaurant is a great spot out for a meal with a friend or two. If you enjoy freshly made Southeast Asian cuisine and are up for a 16-minute walk, Pho Rong Vang is the restaurant for you.

Pho Rong Vang is 1.3 kilometres away from H.G. Thode Library.

  Maccheroni Cucina Al Fresco

Maccheroni Cucina Al Fresco serves Italian comfort food that will leave you craving more. At Maccheroni’s you’ll find an assortment of traditional Italian dishes, as well as some cherished family recipes. Specializing in sandwiches, pasta, pizza and stromboli, each and every menu item is delicious.

Maccheroni Cucina Al Fresco is a fantastic spot for a celebratory dinner or a first date. At only a 10-minute walk from campus, you don’t have to go far to get incredible Italian food.

Maccheroni Cucina Al Fresco is 750 metres away from H.G. Thode Library.

  Pinks Burgers

Pinks Burgers is a casual dining spot that specializes in both burgers and gyros. Along with traditional burgers and gyros, Pinks serves different vegetarian options, fries, poutine, and hand spun milkshakes.

When you’re eating at Pink’s, you can rest assured knowing that the restaurant holds itself to the highest of standards. Not only do they use fresh, never frozen ingredients, but they also make sure they operate their restaurant ethically.

Only 9-minutes from campus, Pinks Burgers is just a hop, skip and a jump away.

Pinks Burgers is 750 metres away from H.G. Thode Library.

  Edens Cafe

Edens Café is a little eatery with a big heart. This cozy spot serves up Mediterranean, Italian and Greek cuisines with a Middle Eastern flair. With such a relaxed ambience, Edens Café creates an environment that’s well suited for having great conservations and enjoying fresh cooked meals.

Open from morning to night, Eden’s Café is the perfect spot to grab breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a snack and a drink. Only a 9-minute walk from campus, Eden’s Café is one of the first restaurants any new Marauder should check out.

Edens Cafe is 700 metres away from H.G. Thode Library.

 Tally Ho

Looking for the perfect late night bite? There is no beating Tally Ho. This restaurant is known for their hot roast beef sandwiches, but their gyros and fries are equally as delicious. If you’re a fan of gravy, Tally Ho’s is the best across Hamilton.

Tally Ho is an older establishment but that’s part of its charm; if these booths could talk, they’d share McMaster student memories dating back to the 1970s.

Whether you’re looking to treat yourself at 12 pm or 12 am, Tally Ho is only an 8-minute walk from campus.

Tally Ho is 600 metres away from H.G. Thode Library.

  Maple Leaf Pancake House

Coming in at number one, the closest restaurant to McMaster campus is the Maple Leaf Pancake House. This no-frills breakfast spot is known for their classic bacon and eggs breakfast, as well as for their pancakes.

You can expect to see this spot incredibly busy on weekends; after a long night of responsible partying, this is the go-to breakfast place.

If you’re looking to grab an early breakfast before an all-day study session, Maple Leaf Pancake House is only an 8-minute walk from campus.

Maple Leaf Pancake House is 550 metres away from H.G. Thode Library.

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Header image designed by Dave Dawson for McMaster Alumni.

Burrito Bandidos image courtesy of @projectnoms on Instagram

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