The Beer Sessions with Ash and Bloom

How often have you read interviews with bands and musicians when all the questions and topics of conversations are boring, and revolving around upcoming music, tours, concerts etc. Well, that’s about to change! We took local band Ash and Bloom beer tasting to Brux House and asked them to describe the beers using musical themes. If you ever want to taste the best beer in Hamilton and get an education from the brightest minds in beer, head to Brux House. The staff were so kind and wonderful, the beer was delicious and the food was fantastic!
The boys of Ash and Bloom had just come from the recording studio where they are recording some new material and are about to head back out west for a tour this fall. Their album; Let The Storm Come (available on iTunes) features beautiful songs like You Need More Than Love, and You Carry Me, catchy tunes like Heaven is a Ghost Town and This Town (Hamilton) for which you might have seen the video — it features some prominent Hamiltonians. (Check it out here).

The following are some of the beers at Brux House, described by Ash and Bloom.


Amsterdam and Nickel Brook
James: “It’s like Lacrimosa from Mozart’s Requiem. A beautifully sad summer beer.”
Matt: “If my wife left me, and I wanted a beer that really gets me in that moment, it would be this one.”


Flying Monkeys|
Matt: “It’s like someone poured that 12 minutes ago; destiny in my mouth.”
James: “Tastes like it’s made from extract of Grateful Dead fans; flowers, berries, vines… and a little pungent


Les Trois Mousquetaires
Matt: “Sophisticated and slightly salty, like sea water! If I were to kiss Rose Cousins (a Halifax ballader), this is what that kiss would taste like.”
James: “The nose has a bit of a sweet whisky excitement, and it tastes like tears.”

Amsterdam Brewery
Matt: “Yeah, it’s German but it’s surprisingly smooth… just like David Hasselhoff.”
James: “I’d compare it to Bach’s fugues. Lots going on here.”

Ommegang Brewery
Matt: “Really, once you have a beer like this, so bold and high in alcohol, that’s the end. You’’re not gonna go from this to shots of Baileys. It’s over. It feels like the big Amen Chorus from Handel’s Messiah. There’s some tension, but it’s mostly release. Grand, sweet release. That’s what Amen is all about.”

Spirit Tree
Matt: “This is Call Me Maybe. I thought I wouldn’’t be in, but I tried, and was surprised by how sweet it was. And surprised how much I liked it. I didn’’t want to like it, but I do.”


Amsterdam and Great Lakes Brewery
Matt: “Smells sweet, but then it bites you in a way you don’t expect. Kinda like Mike Tyson.”
James: “It’s like Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours Album — two distinct flavours. You can taste the hops and you can taste the wine. Together there is conflict but, they make a delicious beer. The ice wine is contractually obliged to stay with the beer, just like Fleetwood Mac.”

Great Lakes Brewery
Matt: “Creed’s My Own Prison — I remember feeling like this album was super intense and heavy. And the album cover is edgy. But listening to it now, it’s pretty tame. The image is misleading. This beer is called Pompous Ass, but it’s a really approachable beer. And better than Creed.”

Brouwerij Rodenbach
James: “My desert island beer. This is like the Beatles for me. You can get into it right away, but then there’s so much there, you discover new layers of depth the more you enjoy it.”
∫ “I don’t think it’s the beer I would marry. But I would definitely date this beer for a long time.”

Brasserie Dieu Du Ciel
Matt: “Here’s my desert island beer. This is Marvin Gaye’s Sexual Healing — dark, smooth and makes me want to do things I wouldn’’t normally do.
James: “…”

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