Theatre company on a pirate ship docks in Hamilton

Some locals have surely spotted a pirate ship freshly docked at Hamilton’s Bayfront Park recently. 

That’s because Pirate Life Theatre – a theatre company that does immersive, interactive pirate theatre experiences – has just launched their first series of shows in Hamilton. 

The family-friendly theatre experience sees audience members joining a pirate crew aboard an actual cruising pirate ship and playing a part in hunting for treasure, firing the ship’s water cannons, witnessing a sword fight, and more. 

“Our production is part theatre, part cruise, and all adventure!” reads a message on the Pirate Life Theatre website. 

The company originally launched in Toronto and has since expanded its production to Hamilton and Ottawa. 

Tickets are still available for many performances all throughout the summer, and locals can book theirs from now to the end of October on the Pirate Life Theatre website!

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Lead image courtesy of @piratelifetheatre

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