VIDEO: Hamilton resident rollerblades on Lincoln Parkway while dodging police

In a stranger-than-fiction moment, a Hamilton individual was seen leisurely rollerblading his way around town under the Easter weekend sun. 

Why is that strange, you ask? They were doing so in the middle of the Lincoln M. Alexander Parkway. 

A video shared to the Hamilton Neighbourhood Watch group on Facebook shows the unidentified person casually sharing the road with vehicular traffic, causing many motorists to slow down and confirm whether they were, in fact, seeing what they were seeing. 

It wasn’t long before Hamilton Police were pursuing the rollerblading individual, who the video shows flippantly disregarding police presence while continuing on their way. They even hustled across to the lanes in the opposite direction to evade police. 

Though the individual was eventually caught by police, no charges were laid. 

See the full video here

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