Fire at Hamilton’s Woodlands Park causes $500,000 in damages

A hefty fire at Hamilton’s Woodlands Park on Tuesday afternoon has caused roughly $500,000 in damages.  According to details shared by Hamilton Fire Chief Dave Cunliffe, the department responded to...

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Arson attack sets fire to Sizzle nightclub in Hamilton

Hamilton nightclub Sizzle was the victim of an arson attack early Tuesday morning.  The Hess Village nightclub at 25 Hess Street South has seen significant damage from the attack, which saw Hamilton ...

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Someone set fire to a residence room at McMaster University

Someone set fire to an individual room in a residence building at Hamilton’s McMaster University over the weekend.  Hamilton Police have arrested and charged a 20-year-old male after responding to ...

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GoFundMe created for 3 victims of devastating Hamilton fire

In the days following a tragic fire at a townhouse on the Hamilton Mountain, a fundraiser has been created on GoFundMe to support the family of three of the fire’s victims. The fundraiser, which set...

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A bunch of new development homes went up in flames in Hamilton

A massive fire on Monday afternoon at the new Central Park housing development in Hamilton destroyed 23 units at varying stages of construction. Hamilton Fire Department was on site around the area of...

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Harper’s Market on the Hamilton Mountain has been destroyed by a fire

Harper’s Market on the Hamilton Mountain has been destroyed by a structure fire that occurred overnight on Tuesday. Hamilton Fire responded to the blaze at around 10 pm on Tuesday, February 1st, wit...

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Hamilton under air quality warning due to forest fires in Northern Ontario

You may want to keep your windows shut and limit your time outdoors for a bit, because Hamilton is currently under a special air quality warning. The warning, issued by Environment Canada, notes that ...

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Candi Werx on Concession sees $10k in damages due to fire

Beloved Hamilton sweet shop Candi Werx is facing roughly $10,000 in damages after a fire at the storefront early Monday morning. The suspected cause of the blaze is a discarded cigarette or a similar ...

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Daylight Saving Time begins this weekend

Don’t forget to adjust those clocks! Hamilton springs forward this weekend as Daylight Saving Time begins for 2021. Clocks spring forward as of this Sunday, March 14th at 2:00 am, meaning Hamilton r...

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Fireball meteor above northeastern United States also seen in Hamilton

A giant fireball flew over the night sky in the Northeastern United States on Sunday.  By Monday morning more than 300 people claimed to have seen the meteor including people as far north as Hamilton...

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