15. Bob Young: Owner, Hamilton Tiger Cats

Bob Young


By Brian Lewis, Chairperson, Hamilton Sports Hall of Fame

Great leaders come in various shapes and sizes. They each have their particular strengths which contribute to their ability to reach incredible heights; they take risks and make decisions that not everyone will be happy with; and they each have their quirks, idiosyncrasies and passions.

Sometimes those passions don’t make obvious sense. Why would any one individual — let alone wise and successful business people — want to own a professional sports organization when it’s been shown so often that they not only lose money, but lose a lot of money?

In the case of Bob Young, the self-proclaimed caretaker of our venerable Hamilton Tiger-Cats, the volume of stories on his history and reasons for operating the club is vast and well documented. The stories have often been written many professional scribes who are artists with the written word… unlike this amateur, who clearly is not.

But I have had the good fortune of having worked and volunteered in the world of sport and entertainment, and believe these leaders should be cherished — whether we always agree with them or not.

So thank you Bob Young for taking care of our team both on and off the field. Based on the relatively recent news of the organi- zation’s business success — and great on- field improvements — congratulations on finally leading it to a level where it actually makes cents. Oskee Wee Wee.

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