Hamilton is getting a virtual reality room at McMaster Innovation Park

Hamilton is about to get a custom-built room for immersive virtual reality at McMaster Innovation Park. 

Virtualware, a virtual reality company in Spain, has partnered with McMaster’s Faculty of Engineering to adopt and scale VIROO, Virtualware’s innovative and award-winning VR enterprise platform. 

Launching in early 2023, this 100-metre-squared, custom-built immersive room will give McMaster students, faculty, and businesses the facility to explore innovative new uses for virtual reality tools and technologies with hopes of having global impact. 

“This is an exciting partnership that will not only lead to new technologies to solve the worlds biggest challenges but will also attract new strategic partners in Canada and internationally,” said John Presto, the Associate Dean for Research, Innovation, and External Relations at McMaster Engineering.

This four-year partnership will be hosted at McMaster Innovation Park in a strategic move that Virutualware describes as a “bridge between academia and industry.” 

The free-roam immersive VR lab will have the capacity for up to six in-person users at one time, who can connect and collaborate with an unlimited number of remote users worldwide in real time and in the same VR environment. 

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