Hamilton pizzeria is serving up viral pizza skulls

A Hamilton pizzeria is serving up a uniquely spooky take on the pizza pocket. 

Power Pizza – located at 134 Ottawa Street North – has started offering Pizza Skulls on their menu. They’re exactly what they sound like: adorable doughy skulls loaded with cheese, red sauce, and pepperoni. 

The Hamilton pizzeria appears to have taken inspiration from a viral TikTok video of Bari Pasta & Pizza out in Santa Ana, California, who shared their own take on the pizza skulls to heaps of fanfare on social media. 

Power Pizza is now jumping on the trend, offering up a box of 6 tasty pizza skulls for $19.50 for those who are in a spooky mood or simply want to try something a little different than a classic pizza pie. 

So far, Power Pizza appears to be the only place in Hamilton that locals can get their hands on some of these savoury skeletal snacks. 

Why skulls, you might ask? Our answer is: why not? 

See more on Power Pizza’s social media

Lead image courtesy of @powerpizza.ca

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