Hamilton’s Flo on Locke does aesthetic services at their beautiful best

When it comes to spots in Hamilton that offer aesthetic treatments and products, Flo on Locke is a newer fixture in the community; but the industry experience behind it is anything but new. 

Owner Rajvir Samra, born in Hamilton and raised in Stoney Creek, opened the shop back in 2016, joining the Locke Street strip among a bustling cluster of shops, restaurants, and small businesses. 

“I was really excited to be able to open up and join the Locke Street community,” says Samra, who initially launched the Flo space with a full renovation that included four pedicure stations, six manicure stations, and two esthetics rooms. 

Despite Flo on Locke being a relatively young small business, Samra’s passion and time working in aesthetics spans nearly two decades, bringing a level of time-honoured expertise to the business that keeps her client base coming back again and again. 

Proof of Flo on Locke’s reputation isn’t hard to find, either. The business sports dozens of glowing 5-star Google reviews, many of which are from Flo regulars singing the shop’s praises and citing them as their go-to for manicures and more. 

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg as far as services that Flo on Locke offers; on top of manicures and pedicures, the salon also offers skincare treatments, facials, microdermabrasion, waxing, and laser hair removal.

Samra also tells us that Flo has recently begun to expand their repertoire of treatments to include things like electrolysis, which is a form of permanent hair removal that is often applied to the face. 

“Electrolysis can be done on all hair and skin types and is a great option for facial hair when laser is not an option and you are looking for a permanent hair removal solution,” she adds. 

Samra is constantly working to add to Flo on Locke’s range of services, with new types of facials and other aesthetic procedures coming down the pipeline that will help the shop service the widest possible range of client needs. 

Though Flo on Locke has a large, recurring roster of individual clients in their relaxed and inviting space, they’ve also emerged as a popular spot for parties and social activities among friends as well, including birthday celebrations and bridal events. 

“Flo is where you come not only to get your services done but it’s where you come when you want to hang out with friends,” says Samra. “I think people come in for the nails and stay for everything else!” 

Flo on Locke’s loyal customer base undoubtedly helped them weather the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, which resulted in many devastating blows to small businesses of all kinds; but especially for aesthetic services like Flo, where restrictions on services or even outright mandated closures offered an unpredictable roller coaster ride. 

Despite the struggles and unpredictability, Flo was kept afloat by the unwavering support of their clients and their Locke Street community. 

“These past few years have been tough, but we have really felt the support of our clients and community and every year has been better than the year before,” Samra says. “We are proud to be part of the Hamilton business community.”

With such a supportive clientele and a strong local reputation, Flo on Locke will continue to serve Hamilton and stand out in the city’s beauty & aesthetics sector for many more years to come. 

Read more about Flo on Locke on their website, and follow them on social media here

Images courtesy of Flo on Locke

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