My Dog’s Cafe & Bar is closing its doors in Hamilton

One of Hamilton’s most unique cafes has sadly announced that they will be permanently closing their doors at the end of October.

My Dog’s Café & Bar has become a bit of a staple on Locke Street, and a particularly special spot in the city for being one of the only dog-friendly cafes in town; in fact, a slogan on their website labels My Dog’s Café as “the café where dogs are welcome and humans are tolerated.”

The spot became known for its variety of dog-specific café treats like pupcakes, dog cookies, dog waffles, and dog donuts; and of course, some drinks and snacks for the human accompaniments as well.

Sadly, My Dog’s Café & Bar – after five thriving years on Locke Street – has posted a message on social media saying that they are being evicted from their prominent location as of October 31st.

“Our landlord first decided to significantly raise our rent and before we could figure it out, decided to sell the property and have their lawyer put into our mailbox an eviction notice to vacate the property by October 31st,” reads the café’s post on Instagram.

“It doesn’t seem okay that in 60 days we have to say goodbye to you with nowhere to go, but close our doors and carry overwhelming debt meant to be covered by the café.”

The café’s owners also express that they’re opening to reopen in a different location sometime in the future.

“There are not many words that can say how much we will miss all of you and the lovely pets we have gotten to know over the years and all of the love and support we have felt, but thank you for these years with all of you,” reads their message.

“Our hope is to eventually find a new place for our dog cafe to call home.”

My Dog’s Café & Bar will be officially closing their Locke Street location following a final day of operations on October 17th, 2021.

Read more on their social media.

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