New podcast spotlights Hamilton’s most exciting entrepreneurs

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the movers and shakers making Hamilton a vibrant place to live, this new podcast might be right up your alley.

Hamilton HIVE, a local organization working to foster a robust community of young professionals in Hamilton since their inception in 2010, recently launched Buzz Worthy: a podcast that features local entrepreneurs and dives in on their businesses, accomplishments, and innovations.

“Our city is buzzing with innovation and creativity that is changing the world one entrepreneur at a time,” reads a message on the Hamilton HIVE website.

“This podcast will tell the stories of entrepreneurs’ lives and the businesses they have built or building. Our guests are sharing their journey in an organic conversation with our host that starts from their initial inspiration, zooming in on the problem and looking to the future.”

The podcast, which is available on Spotify, has already featured inspiring interviews with Khadija Hamidu, founder of Melanin Market which uplifts and celebrates the city’s Black and POC creators; and Emma Kirwin, who co-founded DirtMarket and helped turn it into Ontario’s largest marketplace for soil.

There will be plenty more where that came from as Buzz Worthy continues to put the spotlight on Hamilton’s most exciting up-and-coming entrepreneurs.

Read more on their website and listen to the first two episodes of Buzz Worthy now on Spotify.

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