Ontario’s minimum wage will increase this year

Ontario’s minimum wage is set to see an increase later this year, benefitting nearly a million people in the province’s workforce. 

The minimum wage is getting a bump as of October 1st, 2023, increasing from $15.50 per hour by 6.8 per cent to $16.55 per hour. 

This means a worker earning minimum wage in a job at 40 hours per week will see an annual increase to their income of nearly $2,200.

It’s a move the provincial government says is intended to help address the rising cost of living in Ontario, particularly for low-income workers who work largely in industries such as retail, food service, and accommodation. 

However, this increase still falls well short of the typical living wage needed to meet all necessary living expenses in many Ontario cities. This includes Hamilton, for which the most recent calculated living wage was at $19.05 per hour as of November 2022. 

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