Small Businesses changing the face of consumerism

This past Saturday was Small Business Saturday.  The idea behind this movement is to avoid the big box stores and big consumerism and instead, support small, local businesses in your own neighbourhood.  In Hamilton, we have so many amazing small businesses, owned by dedicated Hamiltonians who love this city and believe in it so much that they have set up shop here.

To celebrate Small Business Saturday, three such small businesses got together and offered an alternative to the craziness of big box shopping.  A Fine Medley, owned by Jessica Hunter, In Fine Feather Yoga, owned by Helena McKinney and Katie Benfey; photographer and co-owner of Low Key Studios gathered at In Fine Feather yoga studio to offer a group of us the simple pleasures of life; enjoying a meal together, some mulled wine and crafting with natural materials to decorate the home.

As the holiday season approaches, have a walk through the neighbourhoods of Hamilton.  We have so many beautiful shops in our city.  Avoid the hectic pace of the malls and big box stores this season, and purchase beautiful, unique gifts from our local shops in our own city.  The pace is slower, the gift is unique, the local shop thrives and our city keeps getting better and better!

A Fine Medley

Twitter: @afinemedley
Instagram: @afinemedley

In Fine Feather

Twitter: @HelenasFineYoga
Instagram: @in_finefeather


Katie Benfey’s photography + Calligraphy

Twitter: @katiebenfey
Instagram: @katiebenfey

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