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The 10 Must Visit Art Galleries in Hamilton for 2018

Looking to dive into Hamilton’s art scene but don’t know which galleries to visit? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this top ten list.

It’s important to note that all art is valid and this list, much like art itself, is subjective. The galleries I enjoy visiting may be completely different than your personal list of favourites. Through writing this list, I want to give art lovers ten wonderful suggestions to use as their springboard into exploring art in Hamilton.

Here’s our 2018 list for Hamilton’s 10 must visit art galleries.

  Redchurch Cafe + Gallery

Starting off our list is Redchurch Café + Gallery. Located at 68 King Street East, just off of Gore Park, Redchurch operates as a café, retail shop, event space and art gallery.

Redchurch’s gallery was designed for artists and community minded groups to come share their work directly with their audience. The gallery showcases work from leading artists to new emerging talent, exhibiting pieces from both local and international creatives.

Through hosting one exhibition at a time, Redchurch is able to connect audiences directly with the talent behind the work. Grab a friend, a coffee and spend some time viewing Redchurch’s current exhibit.

  The Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery

Located inside Banko Media, the Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery is a beautiful place for beautiful pieces of art. The gallery itself is an ode to the old building’s beauty; the walls are composed of exposed brick and stone, and the ceiling showcases the original wooden beams.

The Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery is dedicated to exhibiting contemporary artists early on into their careers. Each piece inside the gallery – whether it’s a painting, photograph or sculpture – will have you thinking that this artist may be the next big thing.

The next time you’re in the John Street North area and have a free afternoon, be sure to pop in and take a look around the Nathaniel Hughson Art Gallery.

 The Pearl Company

The Pearl Company is a two-floor creative arts hub, housing performance, event, rehearsal and exhibition spaces. The company is committed to presenting work that draws on all of the arts, including music, visual art, dance, film, spoken word and theatre.

The Pearl is home to two different galleries, showcasing work created almost exclusively by Hamilton artists.

The programming at The Pearl Company is for all audiences; each presentation is multi-cultural, socially aware, politically engaged and connected to Hamilton’s diverse communities. Whether you are looking for a traditional gallery experience or wanting to expand into performance pieces, The Pearl Company is worth checking out.

  Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts

A visit to the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts is the perfect way to introduce someone to the creative arts. The Conservatory offers over 100 arts program, including music, dance, visual arts, acting and much more.

The Conservatory offers plenty of amenities for working artists, such as visual arts studios, dance studios, 18 soundproof music rooms, a recital hall and an art gallery. Their gallery showcases local and international talent in an immersive setting; many of the artists featured use Hamilton as their inspiration and showcase the city within their work.

If you’re looking to see Hamilton-centric art or are interested in taking classes, the Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts is a great place to start.

  Carnegie Gallery

The Carnegie Gallery is a not-for-profit artist-run gallery and gift shop. Operated by the Dundas Art and Craft Association, the gallery has been open since 1980.

The gallery itself is located within the Andrew Carnegie Library building. The gallery’s exhibition space showcases an array of art created by contemporary Canadian artists; exhibitions change on a monthly basis.

Carnegie Gallery is a celebration of Canadian art and achievement in all mediums; they recognize all stories are worth being told, no matter if its through sculptures, photography, mixed media or anything in between.


Centre3 for Print and Media Arts is a not-for-profit, charitable artist-run centre that connects, educates and collaborates with people on local, national and international levels.

Centre3 is a place for artists to not only create and produce art, but also to exhibit their work. The space supports both traditional and experimental print media and art practices; whether you want to stick with what you know or attempt something that’s never been done before, you have Centre3’s support.

Visiting Centre3 is always a unique and exciting experience. You’ll never see the same thing twice; not only is the space a must-visit, but you’ll want to visit multiple times.

  b contemporary

b contemporary gallery is known for exhibiting work of the highest quality, bringing Hamilton a new assortment of high-brow art each month.

The space showcases contemporary, abstract and fine art. Each of the pieces being shown are inspired by things like vivid colours, local neighbourhoods and life experiences. Every exhibit is different from the last – the work inside b contemporary is not afraid to push the boundaries and make audiences think.

The work exhibited inside b contemporary should not be missed. Art Crawl, which happens on the second Friday of every month, is the perfect time to visit the space and see what’s new.

  McMaster Museum of Art

McMaster Museum of Art isn’t just another university art gallery – it’s home to over 6,000 creative works and cultural artifacts. Opening to the public in 1994, the McMaster Museum of Art has proved time and time again to be a space of importance in the Hamilton arts community.

The public programs at the museum change regularly, offering visitors a plethora of historical, modern and contemporary art to view. Arguably their most popular collection is the Herman H. Levy Collection of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist art.

Whether you are a McMaster student or just in the Westdale area, the McMaster Museum of Art is worth checking out.

 The Hamilton Artists Inc.

Hamilton Artists Inc. is committed to the presentation of contemporary art and related cultural practices in the city. Through the space’s exhibitions, publications, performances, education and other outreach projects, Hamilton Artists Inc. is able to facilitate dialogue surrounding issues in contemporary art.

Each exhibit featured inside Hamilton Artists Inc. tells a unique story. The work is immersive, heartfelt and raw – when choosing which artist’s work to share, Artists Inc. always finds a way to pick the ones that leave a lasting impression.

If you’re looking to really immerse yourself in a body of work, Hamilton Artists Inc. is the perfect place to do so.

  Art Gallery of Hamilton

Coming in at number one on our list is the Art Gallery of Hamilton (AGH). Founded in 1914, the AGH is the oldest and largest art museum in Southern Ontario with a permanent collection. The AGH is recognized as one of the finest art galleries in Canada.

The AGH is home to over 10,000 works, ranging from Canadian historical, international and contemporary art. Something the AGH is known for is their outstanding exhibitions. Hosting nearly 10 exhibitions at a time, there are plenty of pieces and installations to see.

The Art Gallery of Hamilton is a key of piece the city’s artistic history. The gallery keeps the community feeling involved, creative, and invigorated; through providing workshops, tours, talks and special events, there is always a way for Hamiltonians to be included. If you’re going to visit any galleries in Hamilton, the AGH should be first on your list.

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Hamilton Conservatory for the Arts image provided by Ted Basciano.

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