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5 questions with Rachel Devine (rdevineskincare.com)

1) Why was it important to you to go into business for yourself, with your own spa, and skin care line, as opposed to working for someone else?
I work really well with others, but I very much have a type A personality. I am a perfectionist, an overachiever, and am always thinking about work twenty-four hours a day. I love a challenge, and I wanted to bring something really unique to Hamilton. My skin care line stands out from most lines, as it is very unique. There is nothing else like it in Hamilton.

2) What are the biggest lessons you’ve learned this past year about small business through launching your own skin care line?
Delegate! Ask for help whenever and wherever you can. We all have weaknesses, and it’s important in business to recognize those weaknesses, and seek out people who can help to balance those weaknesses. While I run my business alone, I do ask for help when I need it. I have a very strong support system around me, and I wouldn’t be where I am today without those people in my life.

3) What are the most exciting things about being a small business? What are some of the challenges?
The most exciting things are the endless opportunities, meeting new people, networking with those people and helping and watching each other grow together. Small business is not about beating your competition anymore. It’s about networking with and learning from those people.
The biggest challenge for me personally, is work-life balance. I have two small children, and they are my life. Spending as much time with them as possible is very important to me. It is a challenge running a business on my own because of that.


4) Hamilton is a big city filled with amaz- ing small businesses. What are some of the opportunities you’ve been given by being in business in Hamilton?
The opportunities in Hamilton are almost end- less. The Hamilton community is so unique, in the fact that we all reach out and try to support one another by shopping and supporting local. Our city is fabulous for coming together, organizing amazing networking groups and events, and trying to make every business in our city as successful as we want to be. I try to attend as many networking and small business events that I can. I have met some really inspiring people through these opportunities.

5) Being in business for yourself means always looking ahead in the future. What’s in the future for R Devine Skin Care?
As we move forward, health and wellness become so much more important to our society. My skin care line is 100% natural, made with certified organic ingredients. This is not easy to find, but more people are beginning to actively look for that in their daily beauty products. My goal is to build a small empire, and change the way that people view the beauty industry. I have a few wholesale accounts already and plan to continue building those, teaching people along the way about the importance of health and wellness within the industry.


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