This Hamilton small business turns baking into therapy

If you’ve ever taken to the kitchen to bake up a storm during your down days, a new Hamilton business might be right up your alley.

Field & Flour Therapy was founded in Hamilton in 2021, giving a team of trained mental health professionals a new practice that involves both traditional and non-traditional methods of psychotherapy.

One of the more unique methods here is their Baking Therapy session, which brings clients into the kitchen for the calming, tactile activity of baking while simultaneously engaging in a relaxed therapy session with a trained professional.

The company also offers a “walk-and-talk” option that gives clients the chance to have their therapy session during a casual stroll through Hamilton’s trails or parks; and of course, standard counselling sessions are also an option, whether its in-person, virtual, or over the phone.

Located at 664 Golf Club Road in Hamilton, Fields & Flour Therapy is also currently in the midst of expanding their space to include multiple offices, a therapy kitchen, and a gathering and studio space that will be used for workshops, classes, and events.

This unique Hamilton business has really taken off since launching in 2021 for its relaxed approach to therapy, so check out Fields & Flour Therapy’s website to learn more!

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