Hamilton’s Claremont Access fully reopens after 8-month lane closure

Hamilton’s Claremont Access – one of the key connection points between the Mountain and lower city – has finally, fully reopened in both directions after an 8-month closure. 

The access, used by drivers, cyclists, and pedestrians alike, saw all downbound lanes temporarily closed as of early March in order to address urgent safety concerns regarding the escarpment’s erosion and slope stability. 

Initial estimates for completion of the required work pegged a reopening for the downbound Claremont Access around August or September, with local commuters making alternate travel arrangements in the interim. 

Though the repairs and clean-up ultimately took longer than that, the official reopening will be around noon on Thursday, November 9th. 

The work completed includes the removal of the steel retaining walls, clearing and scaling of the escarpment face, and some repairs and remarkings to the pavements and roadway. 

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