Intimate fine dining experience is making a comeback in Hamilton

An intimate fine dining experience is making a Hamilton comeback after closing its Barton Street restaurant last year.

The Heather, headed by Chef Matty Cowan, was a novel concept for Hamilton: a tiny space equipped to seat merely a dozen diners at one time, with an open kitchen featuring Cowan himself crafting an ever-changing, seasonally-inspired, multi-course tasting menu.

It’s the sort of dining adventure we don’t see often in Hamilton, and The Heather closed its original Barton restaurant in early 2021; but unwilling to give up on his restaurant, Chef Cowan has found a means of reviving The Heather in a brand new location on Locke Street.

“I have been given the opportunity to breathe life back into a project that means the world to me,” wrote Cowan on social media. “The original space was lost though the struggles that so many of us have faced over the last couple of years.”

The Heather will be open within the Modern Design Studio at 215 Locke Street South, with Cowan cooking for a maximum of 8 guests per evening using carefully curated Canadian ingredients.

This new iteration of The Heather will be launching on October 26th, 2022. To stay updated, follow them on social media here.

Lead image courtesy of @chef.matty.cowan

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