Dragstrip car show returns to Hamilton

Calling all car show lovers, a historical car show is coming back to Hamilton this April! Dragstrip Memories is one of the largest car shows in Hamilton, featuring many different cars from the past wi...

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Hamilton councillors vote to convert Main Street to two-way traffic

Hamilton city council has voted to convert Main Street to two-way traffic. This comes after numerous pedestrian deaths and injuries that have happened along the street recently, signalling a need for ...

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Oslo, Norway had zero pedestrian and cyclist deaths in 2019

As the City of Hamilton continues to get larger, the streets get busier with pedestrians, cyclists, and vehicles.  The dream of most cities – including Hamilton – is to have zero deaths r...

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Free parking in downtown Burlington ends today

Free parking in downtown Burlington ends today, August 4th, and the city will be resuming fees for on-street and municipal parking lots. Over the last few months, parking in downtown Burlington was fr...

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More than 800 tickets given out to drivers amid COVID-19 shutdown in Hamilton

Hamilton Police have laid 805 charges since cracking down on speeding and stunt driving in Hamilton during the coronavirus shutdown.  Project Recalibrate was launched on May 4th after an increased nu...

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Hamilton is reducing speed limits for residential streets and school zones

Hamilton motorists will have to be a little more mindful of their driving speeds in certain parts of the city going forward. Over the next three years, the City of Hamilton is rolling out a plan to re...

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Speed limits are being reduced in parts of Hamilton this week

Hamilton City Council is putting forth plans to start reducing the speed limit from 50 km/h to 40 km/h and school zones to 30 km/h in residential neighbourhoods this week.  New signs and posted spee...

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Self-driving cars will be tested on Hamilton roads next year

City counsellors endorsed the testing of autonomous car technology on some Hamilton Mountain roads next year.  Autonomous cars will be on some Hamilton Mountain Roads for technology test program http...

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Traffic Troubles

Is Hamilton’s aging system causing speeding? By Marty Edwards Traffic. It’s a contentious subject in Hamilton and complaining about it is certainly on-trend right now. Most Hamiltonians of a c...

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Hamilton’s Small Business Enterprise

Funding students to run their own businesses By Michael Marini “When I was 14 my parents drove me to a car show so I could take some photos of all the cars.  Little did I know, my career was alread...

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