Hamilton’s Pickwick Books creates surprises for lovers of literature

As any avid reader will likely tell you, one of the best parts about picking up a new book is the sense of the unknown: the excitement of each turn of the page presenting the opportunity for a revelat...

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The Hamilton 7 will be telling their spookiest stories at The Staircase

If you love a good scary story for Halloween (and who doesn’t?) then you’ll want to be at Hamilton’s Staircase Theatre this weekend to hear some told masterfully. Local storytelling group T...

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Stories from Hamilton teaches storytelling skills in the Barton neighbourhood

If you’ve ever wanted to know what it takes to spin a spellbinding story, now’s your chance to learn from the best. Multidisciplinary artist Lisa Pijuan-Nomura, a local force of nature known for h...

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Steel City Stories tells tales tonight at The Staircase

Who doesn’t love a good story? Tonight at The Staircase Theatre, local storytelling group Steel City Stories returns with its first fall event, kicking off a series of intimate evenings that featur...

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Why Hamilton Matters

Culture, stories, food, architecture and infrastructure By Ryan Moran At risk of being hugely and happily controversial, Hamilton is THE hero of Canadian cities. Now, if you listen closely, you can al...

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Better – a series of stories (Part 2)

  Zarmina came here as a refugee from Afghanistan, where she and her sisters secretly taught each other how to read, write and speak English while under Taliban scrutiny. High school in Hamilton ...

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Better – a series of stories (Part 3)

Kensia came to Hamilton after surviving an earthquake in Haiti. “All around me, houses were crumbling as fast as the dreams of the people inside them”, she remembers. Haiti declared its independen...

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Better – a series of stories (Part 1)

What does it mean to be a “welcoming community” for refugees? How do we welcome and support newcomers in meaningful and helpful ways? What is it like for a young newcomer trying to fit in and succ...

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Summer | A story of kids and crayfish

An ant and a grasshopper were in a summer meadow. 
The ant was very hardworking, constantly searching for seeds and dragging them back to his nest, where he put them under the care of his trusted fi...

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The writer

By S. John Thomas Sometimes I wish I smoked, that I was heavier, even that I was the picture of a walking heart attack. I wish I had that edge, someone exciting, someone who looked old school, acted o...

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